Autentica Cucina Italiana

At La Macchina Ristorante, we only use the freshest ingredients in our food. Traditional Italian food is not smothered in sauces, tons of cheese and/or “lots of herbs and spices”. Those are American concoctions. Authentic Italian dishes are mostly light, include lots of vegetables, and are very healthy/nutritious. We make our own Handmade Fresh Pasta, Fresh Fish and Meats are delivered daily, which helps us make unique and amazing entrees.



Evanston's Italian Restaurant

We want you to feel like you took a cab to O'Hare Airport, flew sleepless to Italy, took a nap, and as soon as you recovered from the long trip…you head to a restaurant and eat Authentic Italian Food! As you read the menu, you may struggle a bit to pronounce what you want to eat, you hear Italian tunes in the background, you can't immediately respond, because you try to understand what the host is telling you in the Italianized English…and as soon as the food comes, you passionately dig deep into your pasta, meat or just sip on an espresso, which is rewarding.

We think people love to travel to Italy. It's pretty clear to us that when you are in Rome on a memorable vacation, while you and your loved ones are seated at a table for dinner, you all feel really good when its time to eat. It doesn't matter if the plane was delayed, the train didn't come on time, or the taxi driver believed he was Mario Andretti's son and you freaked out…the ceremony of enjoying great food and especially Italian passion for food is generally what everyone loves about their trip to Italy.

At La Macchina Ristorante, we try to make you feel like you're in Rome, Siena or Capri or anywhere you visited or would like to go to visit. You can rest assured, we are going to serve you the very best we can find, with the most careful and delicate preparation strictly and firmly tied to the very true Italian Traditions. Most of our ingredients are imported from Italy, from the water, to the flour, the cheeses, cold, cuts, fish, and so many other very fine ingredients. This allows us to replicate your trip.



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Pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere' or “push the dough by hands”. It is light like a cloud of a pizza with the old world taste of freshly baked pizza in the original oval form. This unique pizza dough called PINSA, is distinctive and unique in both toppings and crust. Pinsa traces back to the Roman Empire. The dough is made from rice flour, soy flour and just a small amount of wheat flour, making it low in gluten and easy to eat. Our Pinsa pizzas are delicious!




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